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Truth and Reconciliation

We believe that reconciliation can be transformational when willing Canadians take the time to listen to Indigenous perspectives and history, work to unlearn cultural biases and stereotypes, and then move forward with meaningful commitments that contribute to systemic change. Our Truth and Reconciliation team is passionate about supporting clients who share this dream and can help guide your organization on a truth and reconciliation journey. We provide two service streams:

  1. Truth & Reconciliation Learning Opportunities
  2. Reconciliation Advisory Services

Contact: Jennifer David jdavid@nvisiongroup.ca

The Path-Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada:NVision’s signature cultural awareness course, available online or facilitated (virtually and in-person) with new content and platform now available, in English! Updated French course to follow in December, 2023!

Media Coverage of The Path:  

    • CBC Alberta:  Indigenous course to continue after lawyers vote to keep Alberta law society rule for mandated education (Feb 6, 2023)
    • CBC Ottawa MorningShould lawyers have to take mandatory training about Indigenous rights and history? Jennifer David & Robyn Bresnahan discuss the recent headline news regarding The Path. (Feb 9, 2023)
    • CBC Manitoba: Manitoba lawyers will be required to take Indigenous culture course (May 26, 2023)
    • CBC Nova Scotia: Lawyers in Nova Scotia to receive Indigenous awareness training (October 2, 2023)

The Path-Building Intercultural Capacity:  A series of learning opportunities to answers the TRC’s to Action for ‘skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism’.

The Path-Indigenous Engagement: What is the difference between engagement and consultation? Why is it important to understand Indigenous rights in the context of consultation? Take this course for practical advice to develop a respectful Indigenous engagement strategy.

Presentations and Speaking Engagements: Choose from a list of 16 topics. These are 90-minute presentations on Truth and Reconciliation topics such as a history of the TRC, Residential and Day Schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, etc.

Customized Cultural Awareness Presentations: We will work with you to develop a cultural awareness presentation, or a workshop, or an online module, based on your specific area of interest.


Details on Reconciliation Consultant Services  

  • Reconciliation Action Planning (RAP): plan development, environmental scan, relationship mapping, stakeholder engagement, priority setting, and advisory council support. 
  • Indigenous Stakeholder Engagement: Indigenous-led facilitation using an intersectional, strength-based, and culturally informed lens. 
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR): Support for organizations seeking PAR commitment or certification level status through the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). 
  • Cultural Advisory Services: Short-term retainer for consultant services as needed.

Contact: Jennifer David jdavid@nvisiongroup.ca


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Canadian Bar Association, Law Society of Alberta

The CBA was impressed with NVision’s online course The Path and offered it for free to 500 CBA members in 2020. All seats were taken within a couple of days so CBA then engaged NVision to offer the course through their web portal to CBA members. To date, more than 2,500 lawyers have taken The Path online. CBA also engaged NVision to develop a Truth and Reconciliation Toolkit for Lawyers.

After taking The Path through the CBA, a group of Alberta lawyers urged LSA to offer it to members. The Path became mandatory for Alberta lawyers in 2021.

Canadian Medical Association

NVision was engaged by the CMA to assist with its reconciliation initiatives. Work to date includes developing an online module on Indigenous Racism in Canada’s Healthcare system; integrating that module into The Path: Your Journey through Indigenous Canada for delivery to CMA board and staff members; providing advice on Indigenous-specific goals in CMA’s strategic plan; organizing an installation celebration for the CMA’s first Indigenous President; and providing communications support.

Communications and Content Creation

We turn facts into compelling stories, transform events into rich networking and information-sharing opportunities, and condense complex processes into elegant infographics. Facilitators and note takers are available for both in–person and virtual events. Concise, visually striking reports, fully realized strategies and plans, and writing tailored to the specific context of each project keep clients coming back.

Contact: Scott Black sblack@nvisiongroup.ca


  • Communications strategies and plans
  • Publishing and editorial
  • Event planning and facilitation
  • Annual reports and other reports
  • Media relations
  • Graphic design
  • Social media content creation
  • Advisory services
  • Note taking

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Communications Planning

When the National Indigenous Economic Strategy was released on Parliament Hill NVision was there, writing the communications strategy, publishing all documents in multiple languages, organizing the news conference and reception, and liaising with the media.

Government of Nunavut Annual Reports

Each year certain Government of Nunavut departments are required to submit an annual report to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly. NVision works with multiple departments and divisions to gather the information required, and produce compelling documents that tell the story of what these organizations are achieving year over year for Nunavummiut.

Gordon Foundation Facilitation

The Gordon Foundation engaged NVision to facilitate Northern Policy Hackathons in Iqaluit, Nunavut and Inuvik, NWT. These two events brought together private and public sector decision makers across the North to generate practical recommendations on specific topics: the growth of small and medium enterprises (Iqaluit) and housing (Inuvik). From initial discussions to the final report NVision was there, designing an agenda that met client needs, adjusting group composition and scheduling in real time, keeping the tone fun and productive, and identifying key content and action items for inclusion in the final report.

Land Claims Agreements Coalition Conferences

Since 2003, every three years the Land Claims Agreements Coalition, which includes Inuit, First Nations and Métis modern treaty organizations across Canada, has relied on NVision to plan and deliver their conferences. As many as 600 delegates attend these multi-day events to connect, learn and share. NVision handles agenda development, logistics, delegate services (online registration and payment, personalized agendas), promotion, website management, sourcing and securing speakers, and entertainment. We also work with the host venue to manage accommodations, catering, media relations, and audio-visual services.


Our Learning team designs and delivers exceptional learning products and services, building and supporting communities of learners. Our approach incorporates best practices in adult learning, emerging and stable technology, collaboration with subject matter experts, and joyful creativity. This continues to guide us as we look to the future and consider new opportunities for this service basket area. We have been designing, developing and delivering face-to-face and online courses, workshops and learning events for over a decade. We assist in event planning, facilitating meetings and team building sessions, and offer executive coaching to leaders – all of the activities are based on a foundation of supporting people interested in lifelong learning.

Contact: Michelle Turpin mturpin@nvisiongroup.ca


  • Course and workshop design and delivery
  • Learning and Development Planning and Support
  • Facilitation, Team Building, Coaching
  • Educational Program Review
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Government of Nunavut

We support multiple Government of Nunavut (GN) departments, including Education, Human Resources, Family Services, Justice, Community and Government Services, and Health with their professional development and learning needs. We have designed, developed, and delivered a series of three linked, complementary courses that invite Nunavummiut to explore and understand its recent history, the forces that shaped the Territory, and the institutions and cultures that define Nunavut today.

The most common remark from participants who have taken Nunavut History and Governance, one of this suite of courses is: “I’ve learned so much, this should be a required course for all GN employees.”

Nunavut Arctic College

With Nunavut Arctic College (NAC), we have delivered professional development to NAC instructors, adapted courses for online delivery for NAC students, delivered courses face-to-face in Nunavut communities and conducted program reviews for college programs.

To meet our commitment to ‘relevant and up-to-date’ technology, team members recently completed training to help us to create even more visually striking online learning experiences. We are keenly aware that in order to create compelling and rewarding experiences for learners, we must continue to develop and adapt our approaches using all tools available.

Planning and Evaluation

Helping clients assess their current programs and operations and build a desired and optimal future has been at the forefront of our consulting services for decades. We’ve helped organizations to dream big, and to make those dreams achievable and sustainable. From Strategic Planning through to business planning, NVision helps solve organizational and business challenges.

Contact: Shelley Burke sburke@nvisiongroup.ca


  • Policy Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Project, Program and Organizational Reviews, and Evaluations
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Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Our team helped the Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada develop a COVID-19 Pandemic Economic Recovery Plan for Inuit Women. The project provided recommendations regarding equitable access to programs, supports and funding for Inuit women. It also produced gender and Inuit-specific data regarding economic development (such as relevant labour market opportunities) and the associated required funding mechanisms. The result was a better understanding of the economic impacts of COVID on Inuit women in business and recommendations for improved support to encourage economic recovery.

Giiwednong Health Link

We’re conducting an organizational evaluation of Giiwednong Health Link. The project incorporates a review and assessment of key success factors and recommendations for improved organizational performance, derived from community consultations and contact with service delivery personnel. Through a review of the program’s structure and activities to date, the evaluation is identifying program improvements; service delivery and implementation improvements; future directions for scope of services; and future monitoring and evaluation activities.

Nunavut Economic Developers Association

When NVision facilitated a Strategic Plan for the Nunavut Economic Developers Association, a key goal for the client was the creation of a certification program for community-based Economic Development Officers. Our team leveraged its expertise in economic development and diversification, as well as its experience teaching economic development principles to students at Nunavut Sivuniksavut (a post-secondary program for Inuit youth), to develop the comprehensive NuEcD certification program and assist in its implementation across Nunavut.

Lands Studio

The Lands Studio is common ground for creative endeavors related to the design, planning, and the sharing of heritage and stories of significance. The award-winning Lands Studio team follow joint planning and design decision making approaches that activate participant voices and are grounded in Indigenous values. Lands Studio’s process is completed “with you” and not for you – our process is driven by client and community engagement, and based on information gathering and sharing, listening and appreciation for all perspectives, and actions with measurable outcomes. Projects range from the documentation of land use through to the planning of Indigenous landscapes and community spaces. Communications, graphic design, mapping and interpretive materials enhance how your story is shared.

Contact: Chris Grosset cgrosset@nvisiongroup.ca


  • Indigenous Land Use, Parks & Heritage
  • Collaborative Planning & Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Cultural Resource Strategies
  • Interpretive Planning & Design
  • Graphic Design
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Agguttinni Uumajunut Pimmariuninginnut Territorial Park, Clyde River, Nunavut

A unique collaboration between the community of Clyde River to establish Agguttinni Uumajunut Pimmariuninginnut (Territorial Park), protecting 1,346,500 hectares of Inuit homeland with thousands of years of rich cultural heritage, spectacular landscape, and critical wildlife habitats. NVision Studio team members worked closely with the community committee and Nunavut Parks to apply the principles of meaningful engagement, consensus decision-making, and respect for Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit knowledge).

Kingngaaluk Territorial Park, Sanikiluaq, Nunavut

Kingngaaluk is the first park of its kind in Canada, designed specifically for sustainable Inuit harvesting using Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit. Extensive land use and traditional knowledge mapping informed the design and will be used in heritage programs to share harvesting practices and stories with future generations.

Top of the World, Dawson, Yukon

The Top of the World Highway crosses the traditional territory of the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin First Nation. NVision was hired by Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin and the Yukon Government to support planning of interpretation along the highway. A high priority for Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin was to honour their approach to storytelling and land use.

Strategic Relationship Management & Support

For decades we’ve been bringing diverse groups together to generate solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders, and facilitating important conversations between Indigenous governments and organizations and federal representatives. Our role? We manage the process and facilitate the conversation. NVision also provides continuity and secretariat support for national Indigenous coalitions, and offers a comprehensive suite of support services.

Contact: Patti Black pblack@nvisiongroup.ca


  • Secretariat Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Assessments
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Land Claims Agreements Coalition

Since its inception in 2003, NVision has supported all activities of the LCAC, a coalition of 26 modern treaty organizations and governments across Canada, formed to improve federal implementation of modern treaties. This includes meeting coordination and facilitation, note taking, internal and external communications, project management, document development and management, archiving, promotion, website development and maintenance, consensus building, general administration, office and secretarial support, event planning and management, onboarding, orientation, modern treaty training, courses and workshops, leaders’ meetings (including meetings with the Prime Minister), budgeting and advocacy coordination.

Self-Governing Indigenous Governments

The Collaborative Fiscal Governance Process is widely regarded as the way of the future for policy development between Indigenous organizations and governments and the Government of Canada. Since 2016, NVision has coordinated the work of the 26 Indigenous governments involved in the process, and facilitated the process itself. This involves overall coordination and management, meetings, notes, facilitation, position development, consensus building, and regular interaction with federal government teams on governance, infrastructure, culture/language/heritage, lands/resources and treaty management, tax, and social wellbeing gaps. This work has resulted in over $760 million of new funding flowing to SGIG communities across Canada.