Our Story

It started with a small group of friends…

Over the last twenty-five years, NVision insight has grown from a small group of friends working on a single project to become Canada’s leading Indigenous consulting firm, with more than 100 staff and associates across the country, and offices in Ottawa and Iqaluit.

Here’s our story.

One of the first tasks following the ratification of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement was the development of a training strategy to prepare Inuit for employment opportunities in government and implementation. In 1993 the founding partners, all of whom had lived and worked in the Arctic, created the Organization Development Consulting Group to bid on the project. Their bid was successful, and their seven-volume report set the stage for two decades of Nunavut training.

The original group of Ron Ryan, Fred Weihs, Greg Smith and Terry Rudden realized they had created a compatible and effective team. They incorporated as Consilium in 1994, rented offices, expanded staff, and began to work on contracts in Nunavut and across Canada.  In later years the Consilium group of partners would expand to add David Boult, Patti Black, Chris Grosset, Leslie Sutherland, Chuck Gilhuly and Alex Ker.

An important goal of Consilium had always been to develop home-grown Nunavut expertise and capacity. In 2000, Consilium joined two Nunavut-based consultants, Helen Klengenberg and Terry Forth, to establish Consilium Nunavut Inc. (CNI), with staff and offices in Iqaluit. CNI quickly established a strong reputation in the Territory and in 2001 was re-launched as Aarluk Consulting Inc. In subsequent years Victor Tootoo and Lori Idlout would become partners in Aarluk.

In order to expand its base and serve clients outside Nunavut (particularly First Nations and Aboriginal clients in Ontario and Quebec), Consilium incorporated a new, Indigenous-owned corporation, adding Jennifer David (Cree, Chapleau First Nation), Dr. Valerie Assinewe (Sagamok Anishnawbek) and Kowyeesa Owpaluk (Nunavut). The company name was changed to Stonecircle Consulting Inc. in 2004.

After twenty years of growth and success, on August 31, 2014 the three companies amalgamated, and launched the NVision Insight Group’s new name and corporate identity in September 2016.

We may have a new name, but we’re the same great team, sharing the same goal–to do work that matters, for clients who care, with colleagues we respect and enjoy.