First the Idea,Then the Plan

Turning the Camera Around

When Inuit surf the internet or watch television, they seldom see themselves. Regardless of the genre, it’s usually another culture on the screen. That’s what makes Qanurli? special; it’s a comedy show produced by Inuit, with Inuit actors, and Inuit stories. Qanurli? grabs the camera, turns it around and showcases Inuit culture to the world, to the delight of its devoted fans.

The story goes like this: Inuk, Nipangi, and The Guy Who Hiccups live in a tent near Iqaluit, Nunavut, where, against all odds, they broadcast their own Inuktitut language show (with English subtitles). Money is tight so they have to get creative, and things never quite happen according to plan. The result? A hilarious perspective on life in the North.

Ideas for Growth

Qanukiaq Studios produces the show, which saw its beginnings at the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and now airs on the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN). Entrepreneurs Anguti Johnston, Vinnie Karetak, Stacey Aglok MacDonald and Josh Qaumariaq have big plans for new productions and collaboration with other Nunavut production companies. 

A Winning Plan

That’s where we come in. Senior Consultant Chuck Gilhuly and Researcher Geoff Rigby were hired by Qanukiaq to write a business plan aimed at accessing funds that would launch Season 6, purchase camera equipment, obtain local bookkeeping support and train new Inuit staff.

The plan was submitted to Kakivak Association, which not only approved funding but also helped Qanukiaq access additional support from the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency’s Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program (EBD).

“I enjoy all of our clients, but this was special”, says Chuck Gilhuly. “A really worthwhile project, an amazing team of incredibly bright, funny people, and a solid plan going forward to help them reach a new level in their creative and professional development.”

Check out Qanurli? on YouTube, Facebook, and APTN.
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“In the television production business timelines are hectic, and we greatly appreciate the effort that Chuck made to work around our busy production schedules”, said Vinnie Karetak, owner and actor. “It’s not easy to start a company or to expand, but NVision’s help made it possible for us to focus on the things we do well.”