A majority Indigenous-owned consulting company supporting proud, self-determining, empowered Indigenous communities

Our Story


To provide services and products that strengthen the structures and programs of Indigenous communities and organizations, enhance the achievements of Indigenous peoples and governments, and support Indigenous cultural awareness and reconciliation.


  • Providing high-quality solutions and customer service
  • Collaborating and partnering with respect, honesty and integrity
  • Committing to the advancement and inclusion of Indigenous peoples

Over the last 30 years, NVision has grown from four friends working on a single project to a majority Indigenous owned company with First Nations, Inuit, Metis and non-Indigenous shareholders, and more than 20 full-time staff in our Ottawa and Iqaluit offices. NVision staff and associates are fortunate to be working with Inuit, First Nations and Metis clients in every province and territory, as well as the United States, and organizations that provide Indigenous development, programs and services.