Kylie Barwise is a skilled researcher who brings her interdisciplinary experience and creativity to her work. Kylie completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology and Geography from the University of Guelph before completing a Master of Science in Northern Studies at Carleton University. The focus of her master’s research was Indigenous food systems, policy, and food sovereignty in Northern Canada. Her professional experience prepared her to work on various projects at NVision, including supporting the Alliance of BC Modern Treaty Nations and the Self-Governing Indigenous Governments in Canada’s Collaborative Self-Government Fiscal Policy Process, conducting environmental scans to support women and gender equality in Inuit Nunangat, supporting/assisting Indigenous-led ecological conservation projects and more. Kylie is passionate about continuing to grow her skills by way of new challenges, ideas, and experiences. Kylie is an avid cook, loves the outdoors, and enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her beloved pets.