David Garrow Tribute

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved colleague, David Garrow. David left us on January 13th, 2024, at the age of 34, after a brief illness. He was the heart of NVision, a valued colleague, a tireless advocate, and a dear friend to us all.

David joined our team in March 2015. As Project Support Coordinator, he worked on virtually all internal company projects – preparing project reports, proposals, financial documentation, website administration, contracts, invoices, surveys, note-taking, and supporting his colleagues with whatever help they needed.

Even more important than his official tasks were the informal roles he took on within the company. He quickly became the unofficial corporate IT guru – the guy you call when the printer won’t connect, or the thirty people waiting for the online workshop to start can’t see or hear you. With a few quick tweaks David would inevitably resolve the crisis and leave without making the relieved NVisionite feel TOO inept.

For many of our clients he was the face of NVision, the friendly, knowledgeable guy who introduced them to the company at trade shows, galas and conferences. His passion, sincerity and commitment to his work and to our vision of “a Canada of empowered, self-determining Indigenous nations” made him our ideal spokesperson.

But above all we will remember David’s kindness and compassion, and how deeply he cared for the people around him. He had the gift of letting people know that they were seen, that they were understood, that they mattered and were loved. For any team member struggling with a challenge or under stress, David would be there with a kind word, an encouraging gesture, or an offer of help.

OR a terrible prank. David gleefully played the role of Corporate Trickster: he loved nothing better than setting up elaborate practical jokes. and managed to keep us all laughing during some challenging times with his jokes and stories.

David’s work, both at NVision and in his volunteering, was driven by his core belief in the strength of community. He was dedicated to supporting youth initiatives and participated with Apathy is Boring RISE Ottawa In early 2018. In December 2018, David was a youth ambassador for the United Nations Canada Service Corps Delegate and attended COP24 in Krakow, Poland.

Outside of work, David loved to play softball and golf, and was devoted to his partner, his two young sons, and his family.

He was a constant reminder to be grateful for what we have. He reminded us to work together. He reminded us that we are all dependent on community, and that we have a responsibility to nurture and grow all the communities that sustain us. He reminded us to look out for each other.

You left us much too soon, David, and you will be sorely missed. Journey well to the spirit world. We’ll never forget you. You illuminated and warmed every room you walked into, every project team you worked with, and every one of your NVision friends and colleagues. To quote a line from one of your favourite songs:

“You’re a sky full of stars
‘Cause you light up the path…”