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Please see the opportunities on joining our team below!

Lands Studio

Land Use Planner and/or Landscape Architect, Consultant, Lands Studio

(Location: Winnipeg preferred, or Ottawa)

We’re looking for an experienced Land Use Planner and/or Landscape Architect to join our team at NVision’s Lands Studio. As part of our dynamic team, you will play an integral role in project management, project planning and design implementation, engagement with clients and community members, and support NVision service basket business planning and strategic corporate development.

Lands Studio

Technical Researcher, Lands Studio

(Location: Winnipeg preferred, or Ottawa)

We’re searching for a  Technical Researcher to join NVision’s Lands Studio team. As a member of the team, the Technical Researcher position will be an integral part of NVision’s Lands Studio team. Working in the Lands Studio service basket, this role will include research, writing, map and plan preparation, conceptual design and technical drawing preparation, graphic design of reports, planning and design implementation, and engagement with clients and community members, and fieldwork. Primary duties will include supporting the Lands Studio project team with project delivery. Any additional questions about this position can be sent to Heidi Metcalfe at hmetcalfe@nvisiongroup.ca.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Research
    • Conduct online and document research;
    • Design research tools;
    • Collect, manage and analyze data;
    • Conduct interviews, both by telephone and in person;
    • Develop, conduct, collate surveys and survey results;
    • Write reports, summaries, synthesize documents;
    • Edit and revise documents;
    • Design, describe, and revise maps and graphic tools to support the communication of research results, including the development of renderings and graphic communication;
    • Design, organize and participate in a variety of community engagement and communications activities;
    • Travel with NVision Insight Group staff or associates in a support role on specific projects, where appropriate;
    • Other duties assisting staff and associates on various projects.
  1. Administration
    • Create and maintain project files and databases for projects, clients, and for the NVision Insight Group;
    • Support the preparation of project proposals, plans, and budgets for review by the NVision Insight Group Project Manager;
    • Participate in the formulation and implementation of long-term plans for NVision Insight Group;
    • Coordinate travel arrangements for staff, as required;
    • Support project management activities, tracking of project time and expenses, and drafting of invoices.
  1. Training

Technical Researchers are expected to have appropriate levels of education and professional accreditation and/or be working on achieving such accreditation related to their field. The Technical Researcher should obtain/maintain their status within their relevant professional associations as well as continue to increase and stay abreast of the skills and best practices in their field.

Additionally, ongoing training will be required as technologies, procedures, tools, and methodologies change over time. NVision allocates a professional development and training budget annually for staff. As per NVision policy, the Technical Researcher will be eligible for financial support and time for approved professional development and/or training activities.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Participate in NVision Insight Group planning and other staff meetings;
    2. Participate in bi-weekly Lands Studio team meetings;
    3. Participate in NVision Committees (Social, Climate Change, Promotions);
    4. Prepare and submit detailed daily time sheets;
    5. Update and input project information into NVision corporate file software, as required;
    6. Attend events or provide other support in marketing NVision Insight Group at events, conferences, trade shows, etc;
    7. Provide additional support and/or work on projects as needed.


Required Knowledge, Skills, Education/Training

    1. University or College degree or equivalent certification in a discipline related to a specific area of corporate expertise: Land Use Planning, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Technician, Environmental Planning, Graphic Design.
    2. One-two years or more of research experience directly related to this position through employment and/or University level supervised research position;
    3. Expert knowledge and/or certification in MS Office suite of software;
    4. Excellent knowledge of ArcGIS;
    5. Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (Specifically InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro);
    6. Excellent graphic communication skills (for example renderings, graphic design, visual communication);
    7. Excellent analytical, organizational skills;
    8. Excellent interpersonal skills, including strong verbal and written communications skills in English;
    9. Security Clearance or the ability to obtain it.


Preferred Knowledge, Skills, Education/Training

    1. Knowledge of Vectorworks (preferred), AutoCad, and/or SketchUp;
    2. Indigenous ancestry (First Nations, Inuit, Métis);
    3. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories in Canada.
    4. Working knowledge of French and/or an Indigenous language is an asset.


Valued Indigenous Identity, Knowledge and Lived Experience

  1. Indigenous ancestry (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) that can be confirmed (if requested by NVision), through one of the following ways:
      • Documentation such as Indian status card, Inuit enrolment card, evidence of enrolment as a modern treaty beneficiary, Métis citizenship card.
      • Lived experience demonstrated through cultural reclamation process or relationship to/with Indigenous communities, Nations or Peoples, and/or
      • A letter outlining your Indigenous ancestry, community and family/kinship ties.
  2. Knowledge of an Indigenous language, in any capacity, from beginner to advanced, written or oral.