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Online Learning: A Love Story.

You may have noticed that we've become pretty enthusiastic of late about online learning. There are lots of reasons to get excited about the rapid convergence of internet technology and solid adult learning principles, from its relatively low cost to the incredible range of programs now available.

We asked Neil Burgess and Michelle Turpin, our in-house gurus, to give us the top five reasons our clients are loving the new NVision online learning programs. According to Neil and Michelle:

1) It's EASY. If you have a social media account, or use Google, or shop via the Interneet, you already have 90% of the skills you need to learn online.

2) It's ACCESSIBLE. It doesn't matter whether you live in Pond Inlet or Picton; you can take courses, expand your network and keep learning wherever the Internet goes.

3) It's right at your fingertips. Professional development is no longer only for people who can travel - you can learn from the comfort of your work desk, on the couch at home, or on your tablet during your daily bus ride.

4) It's ALWAYS cutting edge. Course manuals and text books are going out of date the moment they're printed; online learning material is constantly updated to reflect the latest information and approaches.

5) It's YOURS. Once the course is over, you still have access to all the content, and to the community of online learners you met during your learning adventure.

We'd love to hear about your experience as an online learner. Have you taken a course? What did you like, and what would you change?
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